Good Hotels Around the Manchester, UK Airport

When paying a visit to Manchester, you may not want to go through the hassle of lodging in a hotel that is far away from the airport just because you are plain tired from your journey and just desire somewhere close by.

In other cases, your flight may be delayed, and you may just need somewhere close to the airport to stay before your flight. This article would act as a guide to direct you to the best hotels to stay in at proximity to Manchester airports and reasons you should stay at a hotel close to the airport.

Benefits of booking a hotel room near Manchester Airport

  • Wake up not too far from the airport terminal in case you need to catch up with up your flight early the next morning.
  • Start your holiday feeling refreshed on the morning of your flight.
  • Great prices.
  • Very comfortable rooms.

The following are some of the best hotels to stay in close to the Manchester airport which provides you with a variety of services. They include;

Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport

If you are on the lookout for a luxurious hotel after your journey, then you should put this hotel into consideration. There are various amenities to take advantage of which includes a beauty lounge, a pool and the comfort of accessing the airport with ease by the Skylink which is a covered walkway. This will ensure you avoid any last minute rush to catch your flight. The hotel has a bright and airy look, and you have remarkable views of the runway from specific rooms alongside the Business Class Lounge.

Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport

This was recognized previously as the Bewley’s Hotel Manchester Airport. It was recently renovated to a four-star hotel. It is budget friendly, and it is great for people who have children as it includes family rooms with double beds. There are also areas kids can play close to the bar. It has various amenities like a moderate gym, a shuttle bus to get to the airport among others.

Marriott Manchester Airport

This hotel is not so far from the airport and consists of 215 rooms alongside a broad variety of facilities to relax during holidays as well as a leisure center that has a gym, large pool, sauna, whirlpool tub among others. There are also taxi services available to take you to and fro the airport.

The above are just a few of the hotels you can stay in that are not too far away from the Manchester airport and also provide you with a wide range of services to make your stay a great one.