Top 4 Fascinating Places to Visit in Slovakia

Slovakia is a mountainous landlocked Central European country. As small as its land area, it has a wide variety of special places you can visit and appreciate. Once part of Czechoslovakia but gained independence in 1993 to become now the Slovak Republic. An alluring fusion of the medieval and the new world, there’s just so much good places to visit in Slovakia and we’ve listed down the best of the best that should always be on your Slovak travel bucket list.


This can be very over rated but it is over rated for a good reason. Aside from the fact that it is already a 900-year old castle, it is also fortified in a 600-meter travertine hill and can be visible from several kilometers away. The landscapes around are also breathtaking and adds up to the magnificence of the whole castle. Come during weekends to see locals dress up in medieval times and will complete the experience of traveling back in time.


If you’re an avid fan of astronomy, you would be delighted to know that the most accurate astronomical clock in the world is found in Slovakia. A bizarre looking building with astonishing wooden work made by a local sculptor houses the youngest but also the most accurate astronomical clock today. It tells not only the true solar time but also zodiac signs, days and months, and the moon and sun’s positions.


Another bizarre but fascinating structure in Slovakia is Most SNP or more popularly known as the “UFO” Bridge. The first thing you will notice is the UFO structure on top that was supposed to be an observation deck but later became a restaurant with the most stunning view of the city. But aside from the UFO Restaurant, the bride itself is quite fascinating because it is the only suspension bridge in the world that is supported by a single pylon. It was also made to honor the Slovak National Uprising thus the name Most SNP.


This quaint little village of Cicmany has houses with lace-like paints. Streets and streets of black timber houses are decorated with white lime paint in elaborate geometric patterns uniformly painted to produce a lace-like effect. The tradition began 200 years ago since lime paint was discovered to be a helpful agent for wood preservation. The high contrast of the white paint on the dark wood is a lovely sight especially all houses are painted.

Nightlife in Manchester

If you are ever in Manchester and you are looking for a place to have fun during the night, Manchester has no limit of activities that are certain to keep you busy all night long.

Regardless of the kind of activities you see as fun, there is always something to interest you in Manchester. Some of the places to hangout include;

Live Music
Manchester is endowed with spots for live music that offers something for you irrespective of your choice of music. You may view unsigned musical groups in local bars or go for something unique at a special place such as the Albert Hall.

You will find concerts like Soup Kitchen, The Ruby Lounge, Dry Bar, The Castle Hotel amidst others. The Ruby Lounge is their favorite and was recommended by the folks at carpet cleaning Sherwood Park. If you love new music, you may visit the Now Wave which is a cluster of local promoters known from bringing together the best options of musicians into the city.

Pubs and Bars
Manchester has been overtaken by traditional pubs. There is a great meeting of microbreweries available in the Northwest to offer. There is a wide gathering of gastropubs found in Deansgate, Castlefield and the Northern Quater which possess great for drinks both the evenings as well as during the day.

If you desire an amazing night out, there are lots of numbers of champagne as well as cocktail bars spotted in the city center of Manchester. There are given bars you can visit where you are sure to catch a glance of celebrities if you desire to spot a celebrity. Also, you may checkout the upscale

For a more fascinating night out, there is no deficiency in the bars of champagne and cocktail in Manchester city center. For those desiring to engage in the spotting of celebrity, there are some bars that you can be certain to spy at least a footballer or soap star. Ranging from new molecular cocktail experts to 1940’s model speakeasy bars, there are lots of elegant drinking establishments. It is advisable to head to either the trendy, high-end Spinning fields aspect or trendy hipster sanctuary that is the Northern Quarter.

Manchester is world renowned for clubbing, after all, one of the most swayful clubs was built at Sankeys. A firmly built Manchester clubbing experience, space has witnessed some of the great names in the world dance music making appearance

Recently Sankey’s made it known that it will be taking ownership of the epic Victoria Warehouse space found in Trafford, a place that has become the same with big rave events which include Don’t Let Daddy Know and Cream as well as Composite’s joint parties.

If you love underground house and techno then the freshly opened Hidden will be your exact option alongside the basement club south, you will always find an event that matches you irrespective of what you’re into.

The above are some of the best places to have fun and take full advantage of the nightlife in Manchester that is sure to keep you entertained.

Cheap and affordable hotels in Manchester

Not everyone having a vacation in Manchester can afford to spend all their cash lodging in luxurious hotels and would rather pick less expensive options with decent quality.

This article would serve as a guide to helping you pinpoint the top inexpensive hotels available in Manchester with the best for a central spot, durable rooms, buzzing bars as well as spas, in places close to Old Trafford, Chinatown, Piccadilly train station, and also Salford Quays.

Some of these hotels include:

Roomzzz Manchester City
This hotel located in Manchester is famous for the hip 25-35 set and has an excellent location near the Chinatown as well as the Manchester Art Gallery. Brand tweaks are yellow-carpeted walkways, black-papered walls – with the touches of the Orient. Beginner-level ‘smart studios’ possess kitchenettes with Apple computers, and some possess four-posters. A ‘grab and move’ continental breakfast is added to the room price

INNSIDE Manchester
A hotel in the city’s fresh First Street part with an inhouse living DJ at the bar; the latter also possess its own locally-made ‘Street On 1st’ beer. Anticipate seeing dressed-down employees and modest décoration. They also have a small gym with a wellness suite with a steam room as well as a sauna. Even the standard rooms possess king-sized beds, minibar with complimentary soft drinks. Rain showers are present in the Open-plan bathrooms. The restaurant does not match the price, but the breakfast smorgasbord is great, with both hot and cold alternatives.

Brooklands Lodge
A homely, pet-companion, this hotel is located in the southwestern suburbs, which is just about 15 minutes from the city center through the BrooklandsMetrolink station. The hotel is jointly owned by the Vernons, and they are quite accommodating, with the en suites which include a budget single for travelers that are cost effective.

Availability of free Wi-Fi with chocolate bowls in each of the rooms. Also available is a fridge per bedroom is full with all the necessary accomplice for a continental breakfast (already added in the price for the room); a prepared breakfast is about £6.95 for an individual.

The Abel Heywood
This pub has 15 rooms in the center of the fashionable Northern Quarter at the base of the city center. It’s proud of its origin, with local images of the city on alls walls, Lowry prints, and the rooms are named after the order of guidebooks of Abel Heywood, a mayor and19th-century publisher in Manchester. Employees are friendly, and beginner-level doubles are packed but comfortable as well as soundproofed. Breakfast includes fast options such as baked eggs and spiced tomato fondue with avocado, and also cinnamon French toast sandwiches and peanut butter with toasted pistachio (£6.95).

The above are some of the most cost effective hotel’s individuals can take advantage off during their stay in Manchester and still enjoy quality services.

Local Attractions close to Manchester airport hotels

Manchester Airport is situated not too far from the Manchester city center and what this means that not too far from a majority of the Manchester airport hotels there are a host of places to see and attractions which are certain to blow your mind and keep you occupied.

Below are some of the main attractions in Manchester that you should try to check out and while away time or relax before or after your flight.

Manchester United Football Club

Manchester United attracts over ten thousand spectators and football lovers like from all nooks and crannies for every match they play at Old Trafford. It is one of the biggest and highly successful clubs worldwide. It is a great idea to checkout Old Trafford for the stadium and museum tour and also pay a visit if the Manchester United Megastore.

The Lowry

This is a center for entertainment and arts situated in the quays named after LS Lowry, a local artist. There is a gallery which continuously has an exhibition of some of his best works alongside other exhibitions which are temporary. There are also cultural performances showed in the theater if you are interested in that.

Tatton Park

If you are into long walks in beautiful sceneries, then the Tatton Park is the place to be. It isn’t too far from the Manchester airport, and it is a fun experience taking a walk around this park. It is made up of beautifully colored gardens, and you might be lucky enough to run into one of the special events which are carried out there every year.

Trafford Centre

This is a very large indoor shopping center which consists of a wide variety of bars, restaurants, cafes as well as cinemas. The shopping center is also home to some of the most renown labels and latest designs. If you are into shopping and good food then this is the place for you.

Manchester Evening News Arena

This arena is known to carry out some of the best live concerts featuring well-known pop stars and band worldwide. A business contact of mine from Roofing Edmonton told me about this place and it definitely is work checking out. If you are ever around there, you can take a look at their event listings, and you are certain to find something to suit your needs.

The above are some of the local attractions not too far from the Manchester airport you can hang out to have fun or just while away time.

Best places to eat at Manchester Airport

Are you flying from Manchester and you need a place to eat before your flight? We’ve done all the required work for you to list out the favorite restaurants available at the terminals so as to avoid worries! Kindly go through this article which would serve as a guide to see the best places where you can enjoy a delicious meal before a flight at the airport.

Everyone topping the list is via security, so we advise you simply make your way there. Consumption of a meal as soon as you’re air side also suggests that you are likely to be able to rest and enjoy your dinner other than taking a seat and stressing out yourself on security queue while the waitress simply takes your order.

Spot: Terminal 1
Opening hours: First flight to the last flight of the day.

If you are flying is early hours of the day, locate your way to Bar MCR where you can delight yourself with the biggest brekkie available at the airport. Their long list menu possesses all ranging from a great value Full English to a fast and tasty Breakfast Bap; also they possess a wide category of fresh pastries as well as healthy breakfast options such as wholesome porridge with fruity granola. Not forgetting their Italian freshly brewed coffee, but if you’re seeking to begin your holiday, make yourself happy with a fiery Bloody Mary or take a time out with a great Mimosa!

Frankie & Benny’s
Spot: Terminal 2
Opening hours: Every day by 4:00 am till last flight of the day.

Begin the party while your family has fun at Frankie and Benny’s! This is a lively Italian-American blend, and diner serves a menu that has lots of fabulous favorites; stocked burgers; great pizza with pasta, breakfasts every day and a lot of delicious desserts that will savor even the greatest appetite. There’s a great menu specifically for the children who will enjoy the fun-filled ambiance of this place; it’s sufficient to stir your entire family into the holiday spirit!

Spot Terminal 1
Opening hours: 5:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday, Friday Saturday & Sunday.
5:00 am to 8:00 pm Tuesday to Thursday

For a luscious taste of the world in a lively vicinity, head on to Giraffe. This musically endowed restaurant will surely make you smile; offers include big plates of spicy nachos, tasty Asian style noodles as well as a big choice of fresh salads for the more saintly traveler. There’s a unique kids menu list that will keep even mute the most troublesome child, and great dessert alternatives which are but not limited to Belgian Waffles smothered in ice cream with butterscotch sauce, that would leave you wanting more.

The above are some of the best places to eat and relax a little at the Manchester airport before or after your flight.


Good Hotels Around the Manchester, UK Airport

When paying a visit to Manchester, you may not want to go through the hassle of lodging in a hotel that is far away from the airport just because you are plain tired from your journey and just desire somewhere close by.

In other cases, your flight may be delayed, and you may just need somewhere close to the airport to stay before your flight. This article would act as a guide to direct you to the best hotels to stay in at proximity to Manchester airports and reasons you should stay at a hotel close to the airport.

Benefits of booking a hotel room near Manchester Airport

  • Wake up not too far from the airport terminal in case you need to catch up with up your flight early the next morning.
  • Start your holiday feeling refreshed on the morning of your flight.
  • Great prices.
  • Very comfortable rooms.

The following are some of the best hotels to stay in close to the Manchester airport which provides you with a variety of services. They include;

Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport

If you are on the lookout for a luxurious hotel after your journey, then you should put this hotel into consideration. There are various amenities to take advantage of which includes a beauty lounge, a pool and the comfort of accessing the airport with ease by the Skylink which is a covered walkway. This will ensure you avoid any last minute rush to catch your flight. The hotel has a bright and airy look, and you have remarkable views of the runway from specific rooms alongside the Business Class Lounge.

Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport

This was recognized previously as the Bewley’s Hotel Manchester Airport. It was recently renovated to a four-star hotel. It is budget friendly, and it is great for people who have children as it includes family rooms with double beds. There are also areas kids can play close to the bar. It has various amenities like a moderate gym, a shuttle bus to get to the airport among others.

Marriott Manchester Airport

This hotel is not so far from the airport and consists of 215 rooms alongside a broad variety of facilities to relax during holidays as well as a leisure center that has a gym, large pool, sauna, whirlpool tub among others. There are also taxi services available to take you to and fro the airport.

The above are just a few of the hotels you can stay in that are not too far away from the Manchester airport and also provide you with a wide range of services to make your stay a great one.